Studies & Webinars

The Center for Student Success is pleased to feature promising studies from nationally recognized research centers relative to student success in community college education, as well as studies conducted by New Jersey community college administrators and faculty members. We do our best to focus on both cognitive and non-cognitive approaches to student success and welcome your feedback on any of the studies included below.

New Jersey Studies

Transforming Developmental Education in New Jersey Concept Paper

Transforming English as a Second Language in New Jersey Concept Paper

Concept Paper on Student Services that Support Student Success & College Completion

Call Back, Auto Graduation and Reverse Articulation Webinar Recording (December, 2013)

Reverse Transfer Articulation Agreements Webinar Recording (April, 2014)

SuccessNavigator New Jersey Webinar PowerPoint Slides (June 2014)

English as a Second Language Webinar: A Journey Through the Brain (November 2014)

National Studies

Charting Pathways to Completion for Low-Income Community College Students

Defining and Clarifying the Role of a Community College Student

Designing Meaningful Developmental Reform (courtesy CCRC)

Joining Forces: How Student Success Centers are Accelerating Statewide Community College Improvement Efforts (Jobs for the Future)

Guided Pathways Overview by Davis Jenkins of CCRC August 2014

New Evidence of Success for Community College Remedial English Students: Tracking the Outcomes of Students in the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)