Meeting Resources

Big Idea 8 – Faculty Summit on Learning Outcomes

In collaboration with the Academic Officers, full time faculty from New Jersey’s community colleges are coming together to discuss and identify core learning outcomes in the top ten highest enrolled general education courses across the sector. These courses are: English Composition I and II, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Public Speaking, Introduction to Mathematics, Introduction to Global Civilization, Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Computers and Anatomy & Physiology. Below are a few resource documents that are developed through their semesterly meetings.

Identified Learning Outcomes for the First Five Disciplines (English Composition I & II, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and Public Speaking)

Faculty Summit on Learning Outcomes – Notes, February 2014 (Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Global Civilization and Anatomy and Physiology I)

How to Identify and Write Good Learning Outcomes (Video)

April 16, 2014 Student Success Summit

The Center for Student Success welcomed Dr. Rob Johnstone, founder & president of the National Center for Inquiry & Improvement, to New Jersey for the annual Student Success Summit Making the Completion Agenda Ours. Below are Dr. Johnstone’s PowerPoint presentations from the event.

A Culture of Inquiry – New Jersey

A Culture of Inquiry – Lessons from the Aspen Prize