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Refer to guidelines below

1) The statewide transfer agreement does not guarantee admission to any four-year institution. Admission requirements vary by college, and many majors have a competitive admission process. It is your responsibility to research and fulfill all admission requirements, and complete the application process for each institution you apply to.

2) An Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree will be applied to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, and the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree will be applied to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree as half of the credits required for that basic four-year degree. To transfer successfully, community college students should select an associate degree program that aligns with their anticipated bachelor degree major. Five-year degree programs will require transfer students to complete all credits required for the bachelor’s degree beyond the initial 60-64 credits that will transfer with the associate degree.

3) Associate in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degrees, which typically prepare students to enter a career, are not covered by the new transfer lawwith one exception. Due to an amendment passed in January 2010, participants of the New Jersey Pathways Leading to a College Education (NJ PLACE) program who graduate with an A.A.S. in Technical Studies are covered under the transfer law as of January 2011.

4) The A.A. and A.S. degrees will satisfy all lower-level General Education requirements, unless there are major-specific prerequisites or special graduation requirements that were not completed within the associate degree. Use the NJ Transfer website and consult with a community college transfer counselor when choosing courses so that you complete any prerequisites required for your major by the four-year college or university.

5) After you have been admitted, the four-year institution will identify the remaining courses you will need to take to earn your bachelor’s degree.

6) Each New Jersey public four-year college or university has a minimum grade requirement for community college courses to count as transfer credit. In most cases, the minimum grade requirement is the same for transfer students as it is for students who attended the four-year institution during their freshmen and sophomore years. It is your responsibility to check with the four-year college or university that you are interested in to find out the minimum transfer grade requirement.