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We live in a rapidly changing world, one where technological advances, economic forces, and demographic changes are continuously redefining the way we learn, work, and live.

For more than 50 years, New Jersey’s community colleges have been indispensable institutions throughout the state, providing high quality, affordable post-secondary education to hundreds of thousands of people and helping to build the skilled workforce that has underpinned the state’s economic growth.

Community colleges are perhaps the most dynamic institutions in the state and are a true reflection of the values, hopes, and diversity of New Jersey – and of America.

The community colleges have remained responsive to the needs of their local residents, employers, and communities while adapting to changing times.

New Jersey’s 19 community colleges are committed to building on this strong foundation, finding innovative solutions and cementing new partnerships that respond to our changing world. Because of this responsive mission, the community colleges, through the New Jersey Council of County Colleges, are developing a framework for the future that will articulate a bold vision for the years ahead. This effort, known as Vision 2028, will be shaped by the voices and insights of our multiple constituents and key partners, including community college administrators, faculty, students, alumni, high schools, colleges, universities, state and local government, employers, non-profit and community-based organizations, and the philanthropic community.

It will take new ideas and approaches to build a bold, ambitious agenda for the future and to further define these themes and priorities. We ask that you be a part of this effort. We welcome all ideas for how New Jersey’s community colleges can build on a strong foundation, be best positioned to prepare New Jerseyans to thrive in a rapidly changing world, and be institutions of solutions and innovation.

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Online Idea Box

We are seeking input from a wide variety of partners, stakeholders, college leaders, students, and alumni. We ask that you join this effort by offering your perspectives on the strengths of the state’s community colleges, areas for improvement, and areas for innovation.

The idea box can be found at:

Statewide Summit

On Friday, November 16th, leaders from across the state will convene at Middlesex County College for an all-day summit to discuss changes in technology, the economy, and demographics, and help determine how community colleges adapt and respond in order to be the educational anchors of our communities in the future. Each community college will send a delegation to the summit and will join with leaders, partners, and stakeholders from across the state.  Space is limited at the summit. If you are interested in attending the summit, please e-mail the New Jersey Council of County Colleges at