Phil Linfante

New Jersey Council of County Colleges

The road to success for millions of students in New Jersey over the past 50 years has begun at our community colleges. We currently serve more than 300,000 students a year, the largest sector of higher education in the state. Also, 45% of all students earning bachelor’s degrees in New Jersey completed courses at community colleges during their academic careers. 

New Jersey’s 18 community colleges provide over 2,000 high-quality transfer programs, occupational programs, continuing education courses, business support services, and community service programs at a reasonably low cost in response to local and statewide needs.

The mission of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges is to provide statewide leadership for the advancement of New Jersey’s 18 community colleges and to perform sector coordinating responsibilities as required by state law. For students, I invite you to use this website to find your local community college and learn more about resources available to help you attend a New Jersey community college, including the New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Rewards Scholarship (NJ STARS) and Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarships. For businesses, workers and community members, I invite you to use our website to obtain information about professional skills development and customized workforce training.

Whatever your educational goals, our 18 community colleges are here to serve you!


Phil Linfante, Ph.D.

Aaron R. Fichtner

New Jersey Council of County Colleges

Welcome to the New Jersey Council of County Colleges’ home on the World Wide Web! Community colleges are one of New Jersey’s greatest success stories. Created in the 1960s, New Jersey’s 18 community colleges now enroll over 300,000 people each year in credit, non-credit, and workforce development courses at over 70 campuses throughout the state. Over 200,000 students - more than half of all undergraduate students in public colleges and universities in the state - are enrolled at New Jersey’s community colleges.

The community colleges also enroll nearly 100,000 students in non-credit programs and partner with thousands of businesses to meet their training and workforce needs.

The primary goal of New Jersey’s 18 community colleges is to meet the ever-changing educational needs of our great state’s residents. Today, through more than 1,700 degree and certificate programs, as well as non-credit courses and customized workforce training programs, we are helping more students than ever. No matter if they are seeking to transfer into a four-year college or university, complete a program and move directly into a career of choice, use professional development opportunities to advance within a field or move into another one, pursue a personal interest via the classroom or enjoy public art, music, theater, lecture, cultural, and sports offerings, New Jersey’s community colleges are here to serve.

All of us at the New Jersey Council of County Colleges appreciate your interest in visiting us on the Web. We wish you much success as you pursue your educational goals.


Aaron R. Fichtner, Ph.D.