Contact: Catherine Starghill,

Director of Strategy, Outreach & Communications

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September 28, 2020

For Immediate Release


The New Jersey Council of County Colleges and New Jersey’s 18 Community Colleges launched a statewide awareness campaign, New Jersey’s Community Colleges PROVEN. Through this campaign, our goal is to raise awareness of the benefits and value of attending a Community College, partnering with a Community College, and engaging with your local Community College.  New Jersey’s Community Colleges serve as anchors and engines of their local economies and communities, and are a place where people of ALL ages can attend to find new opportunities. New Jersey’s Community Colleges create PROVEN Community!


New Jersey’s Community Colleges, as the only educational institutions with statewide reach, provide essential opportunities to more than 300,000 New Jersey residents each year. Over 200,000 students – more than half of all undergraduate students in public colleges and universities in the state – are enrolled in credit and degree programs at New Jersey’s Community Colleges. New Jersey’s Community Colleges are the PROVEN choice!


Now, more than ever, New Jersey’s future and that of its residents depend on a strong network of community colleges. New Jersey’s Community Colleges fulfill a remarkable number of vital roles: i) they prepare students to succeed in four-year institutions; ii) they train residents in accelerated, industry recognized, and stackable workforce training programs to meet labor market demands; iii) they provide access to high quality post-secondary programs for the state’s most vulnerable residents; iv) they are rooted in the core values of equality, equity, and opportunity; and v) they serve as dynamic engines of both economic development and civic engagement. New Jersey’s Community Colleges have PROVEN Impact!


A bolder beginning. A brighter future. It all starts at a New Jersey Community College.


Are you ready to PROVE yourself? Find your Proven today!

About NJCCC:  New Jersey’s 18 agile and innovative Community Colleges are prepared to lead in the response to and recovery from this public health and economic crisis and to secure a brighter future for all New Jerseyans. The New Jersey Council of County Colleges provides statewide leadership for the advancement of New Jersey Community Colleges, performs coordinating responsibilities as required by law, and coordinates statewide efforts to build a skilled workforce and improve student success. We encourage you to visit our website at