NJ Council of County Colleges Statement on Racial Injustice and the Death of George Floyd



June 1, 2020

Contact Information: Catherine Starghill,
Director of Strategy, Outreach and Communications cstarghill@njccc.org


On behalf of the 18 community colleges in the state, the New Jersey Council of County Colleges releases the following statement today:

“The New Jersey Council of County Colleges and its 18 member schools stand together to denounce the death of Mr. George Floyd and the ongoing injustice in our nation. We stand together in denouncing this historic and continued problem.

For more than 250 years, our country has failed to embrace and value all people equally. This has resulted in countless and needless deaths, a lack of progress and real prosperity for all, and ultimately, it allows true democracy and freedom for all to elude us.

Our colleges are rooted in the core values of equality, equity, and opportunity. New Jersey’s community colleges seek to be a greater part of the solution. For more than fifty years, we have served students and community members with enthusiasm and passion. We value all people and embrace the opportunity to stop hatred and promote peace through education, continued discourse, and by doing all we can to ensure that every member of our community knows they are welcome on our campuses.”